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(Without having to break the bank, stay up all night or become an expert
in all the stuff you hate doing)

As a business owner and/or entrepreneur, you started your business with a dream to build something great. You wanted to build something that would grow fast, make lots of money, impact a lot of people and provide you with the kind of life and lifestyle you desired.

Unfortunately, as you well know, that’s not the life most business owners and/or entrepreneurs tend to experience. In fact, chances are

  • Your business is flat-lined or growing slowly
  • You’re overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough time to do it all in
  • You’re too engaged in the day-to-day operations of your business
  • You’re cash strapped
  • You have too many C and D players working for you
  • Your business isn’t generating the kinds of high quality leads or prospects you want/need
  • There’s no consistency or predictability of revenue
  • You you they feel stuck

Sound familiar? So, what’s the solution?


Most businesses aren’t very scalable. They tend to be owner/entrepreneur/key employee-dependent businesses. Or they have a business model that can’t scale. Or they don’t have the right systems or automation in place to scale. Or they don’t have a cash generation engine to scale, etc.

However, when you build a scalable business, that’s when you get to experience the kind of life you long to lead. That’s when

  • Your business grows faster (even exponentially if you want)
  • You’re finally in control of your life and business
  • You end up flush with cash
  • You have the time to work on your business and not primarily in it
  • You’re surrounded with only A and B players on your team
  • You have a consistent flow of high quality lead coming into your business
  • And you have consistent and predictable revenue and work

Literally everything changes when you build a more scalable version of your business.

After 23 Years in Business, I’m Finally Building a Business That’s Not Dependent on Me
“I just started working with Bruce and his BizScalers club a few months ago but what I can tell you is that this is the best I’ve felt in years. After 23 years in business, I’m finally starting to build a business that’s not dependent on me. I’m getting it organized. I’m putting systems in place. I’m starting to hold people accountable. We’ve transitioned out some people. We’re putting controls in place. I’m hiring better, etc. And the end result of all that is that we’re beating sales each month, morale is soaring, and I’m now confident that I can take my local brand and make it a regional one.”

Kurt Weinberger, Owner and CEO, King Bean Coffee Roasters



Based on what I’ve learned from building several businesses, along with what I’ve learned from helping others build more scalable businesses over the past several decades, I’ve combined all of that IP into an eight-module course that will give you everything you need to take your current business and transform it into a more scalable business in as little as 90 days.

But don’t make the mistake of thinking of this as just another course. This is an implementation program.

Over the eight weeks of this modulated course, you’ll learn the strategies, tactics, mindsets and skill sets that will allow you to build a more scalable version of your business. However, you’ll also be a part of a community of business owners and/or entrepreneurs who will be there to help you do just that, as well as on-going support from me through our monthly Q&A calls and interaction in our community forum for as long as I’m offering this course.


1 It’s completely focused on helping you build a more scalable business

2 It’s full of frameworks, worksheets, templates, and course books. so you can implement fast

3 It’s oriented around the irreducible minimum (in other words, there’s no filler content) so you can get to the most important content you want fast

4 It’s designed around the WTG Scale Model that will help you know how to scale, not just your current business, but any business you might start, buy, advise or invest in moving forward

5 It’s the perfect combination of information, inspiration, illustration and implementation that will allow you to both think and act at a higher level



In module one, you’ll learn all the intricacies of developing a business model that can scale, as well as how to develop a growth plan for rapid scalable growth.


In module two, you’ll learn all about how to systematize your entire business, the kinds of systems, the different formats, and how to combine them in your BRB.


In module three, you’ll learn how to think more like a marketer, how to more accurately define your customer avatar, as well as how to create a systematized marketing machine.


In module four, you’ll learn all about the three-pronged sales attack of people, processes and performance to create a consistent conversion process that will turn your ideal prospects into predictable revenue.


In module five, you’ll learn how to become a better manager, build better rhythms and systems for accountability, and ensure that everything in your business is in alignment and working flawlessly.


In module six, you’ll learn how to eliminate all unWOW, as well as how to consistently create more remarkable customer experiences so your customers become raving fans and spread word of mouth.


In module seven, you’ll learn how to enhance your own leadership abilities, as well as how to build a leadership team you can leverage so that more gets done and yet you have more free time.


In module eight, you’ll learn how to expand your own personal capacity (your mindset, skill sets, knowledge base and productivity) because the more you grow, the more your business will grow.

We’re Up 22% in Revenue and Have Reduced Our Debt By $180,000 in Just Nine Months
“Working with Bruce has made a big difference for me and my company. Bruce’s guidance has helped me transition out some staff, become a better leader and delegator, enhance my marketing efforts and grow my business. Within the first nine months, we’re up around 22% in revenue, we’ve gone from a negative margin to 10% and we’ve reduced our debt by $180,000. Plus, I’m getting ready to launch a new “sub co” as a result of working with Bruce that we’re going national with shortly.”

Vince Feummeler, Owner and CEO, Information Management and Securities


(a $997/year value)

  • Get ongoing help and support for scaling your business (remember, this is a program, not just a course)
  • Submit your questions in advance for even better answers
  • Get feedback on how to grow you and your business, as well as how to solve problems
  • This will continue for as long as I’m selling this course (i.e. years)
  • Replays will be available in your membership site if you ever miss a call (or want to listen to one again)


BONUS #1: An Ongoing Private Facebook® Group for Becoming Scalable

(a $997 / year value)

  • Submit questions to me or to the group
  • Submit samples for feedback
  • Ask for help, ideas or suggestions on scaling
  • This group will continue for as long as the program is for sale
  • You’ll also find more frameworks, worksheets, videos, etc. added over time

BONUS #2: Delegation Mastery

(a $47 value)

  • Over two hours of video and audio
  • Complete with frameworks, worksheets, course books, etc. to help you be a better delegator and not a dumper
  • Create massive leverage
  • Create more time and freedom for yourself

BONUS #3: Personality Type Leadership

(a $97 value)

  • Over four hours of video and audio
  • Complete with frameworks, worksheets, course books, etc. to help you learn how to lead people who think, act and feel different than you
  • Learn to speed read people (good for both sales and for managing your people)
  • Learn how to lead, encourage and deal with conflict based on one of four personality combinations using the Myers-Briggs® temperaments

BONUS #4: An Extra Course Module: The Perfect Talent Pipeline

(a $297 value)

  • An extra module entirely focused on helping you become better at hiring and onboarding talent
  • Learn how to avoid the most common business owner and entrepreneur mistakes in both areas
  • Complete with worksheets, frameworks, and handouts for each step of the hiring and onboarding process
  • Unleash the power of hiring only A and B-players (while getting rid of C and D-players)


What would it be worth…

  • If your business grew by 25% or more this coming year (do the math)
  • If your business was finally systematized and you had a business in a box
  • If you built a leveraged leadership team and you were finally freed from the day-to-day operations of your business
  • If you developed a business model that could scale 2X or 3X or 5X faster than what you’re doing now
  • If you built an ideal prospect marketing machine that produced a consistent and predictable stream of high quality leads for your business
  • If you finally experienced predictable revenue because you built a systematized sales process and team
  • If you eliminated all unWOW and built a customer delight experience that created a legion of raving fans, etc.

Those are the kinds of benefits scalable businesses experience. So, what would that be worth to you?

Love the Step-By-Step Playbooks I Can Immediately Put to Use When I Get Back Home
“There are a number of things I love about working with Bruce but one of the top ones is, I love the playbooks and detailed instruction he gives us. He’s a master of both the big picture and the little details so that when we leave a training, we walk away with both “the what” and “the how.” Then when I get back to my office, I find myself regularly going back to review my detailed notes to spur on new ideas.”

Ryan White, President, DTI


The Full Eight-Module Becoming Scalable Course

(a $1997 value)

A Monthly Q&A Call with Me

(a $997/year value)

An Ongoing Private Facebook Group for Support

(a $997/year value)

The Delegation Mastery Course

(a $47/value)

Personality Type Leadership Course

(a $97/value)

Bonus Course Module: The Ultimate Talent Pipeline

(a $297/value)

When you add all that up, that’s a total value of


However, because this is my birthday week, you can get access to this entire program
for the special price of just

$997 (normally $1,997)

(Note: This 57th Birthday Special Price ends 3/30/18 at midnight PST)

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The last thing you need to worry about is if this is a worthwhile investment. So take a full 60 days. Watch the videos. Do the worksheets. Attend the Q&A calls. Post on the Facebook group. And if for some reason, you don’t think the program was worth your investment, just ask for a refund and we’ll gladly refund your money. If you don’t think we provided enough value, you shouldn’t have to pay. It’s that simple.

We’ve More Than Doubled Our Number Of New Clients In Just Three Months vs. All Of Last Year
“Over the past few decades my wife and I have grown a nice little firm that’s provided well for the two of us. However, in February of this year, we came across Bruce and his course, Double It: How to Double Your Business in the Next 12, 24 or 36 Months . After purchasing and listening to that course, we decided we wanted more. We decided it was time to scale up our business. And in light of that decision, we decided to join the BizScalers Club in mid-March and began working with Bruce on our growth accelerators, constraint eliminators and business model (along with a number of other issues). And the good news is that the results have been pretty significant. We’ve already signed up 2.5X our number of new clients vs. all of last year and we’re planning to double that number by year’s end. We’re growing our team. We’re investing in new technology. We’re ratcheting up our marketing. We’re creating systems. Basically, we’re having a blast growing our business again.”

Doug AlexanderFounder, Better Life Financial


Pay monthly

3 Payments of


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